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Over the past few years, an interesting storm has occurred. Social media has become less of an option and more of a priority. This is especially true for small business owners, where there's an incredible burden to maximize marketing dollars. Today, social media has made it possible for small businesses to reach millions of customers with the click of a button.

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SOLLOH is a digital-first branding consultancy firm that empowers entrepreneurs with engaging campaigns to drive true business results.

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    Yes, you understand the need to announce your business to others, supporting them to share your brand with their families & friends.

    Our 'Social-Genius' Team will be the professional extension to your brand, always speaking in your voice.

  2. books

    Yes, business owners are very busy! You also realize just how important it is to evaluate the engagement with your community.

    We will consistently create and track custom content that showcase your brand to your new audience.

  3. bookshelf

    Yes, we all know that 'Client Acquisition' is critical to increasing profits.

    Our community outreach will result in acquiring those valuable new clients.




There is a great satisfaction in knowing we've done our job well and served our clients' interest. We aim to not only serve, but to continuously up-serve with our work. It gives us particular fulfillment when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing SOLLOH with their testimonials & case studies.

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Brand Partner Campaign

Business is built on relationships. Allow us to create those meaningful relationships on behalf of your brand through targeted campaigns, with true personal conversations. We are uniquely positioned and qualified to help your team create transformational growth partnerships with a wide array of diverse strategic partners within any rapidly evolving industry.


Brand Growth Campaign

Brand Growth Campaign is the process of how we build on your vision with our collective ideas into a reality through skillful *execution. This service offers clients our leadership team, providing (3) three 45 minute sessions, including market evaluation, development planning and strategic branding. We embrace creating from scratch, and molding brands into powerful stories.


Show Pony

Our "show pony" web development is the quintessential marketing tool that attracts customers, and keeps them engaged with your brand. We begin every website with in-depth research, including a structure evaluation and project plan to ensure your goals are achieved. Inspiration and ideas are discussed at length to establish the creative direction. Whether it's enhancing engagement or increasing conversion, our "show pony" websites are built to handle your business growth for years to come.



PoweR3 your brand with our comprehensive layered strategy, by pairing 3 Media Platforms: Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn, with 3 signature Brand Initiatives: BCC; BAC; BRC. We create & curate content, build & engage audiences, generate reviews & manage reputation. This daily community outreach produces Relationships, Referrals & Revenues!


Brand Reputation Campaign

Our signature strategies and AAA policy grow your community, by producing positive feedback.The art is leveraging reviews to tap-root warm-markets.


Brand Identity Campaign

We make sure the identity works well in the online environment and is visually consistent across all mediums. Our design process is very collaborative and requires deep involvement on both sides. The result of our company branding process is a comprehensive brand guideline that can be used to design a marketing website and other design assets like brand illustrations that reflect the new brand.


Brand Content Campaign

“We can absolutely help with your brand strategy and marketing campaign, by creating & implementing our proven layered marketing strategy, tactic & execution plan. Our team will begin with a deep dive R&D. Then we ‘Get Started’ in composing a comprehensive layered approach, to produce true business results. Thank you for considering us!.


SOLLOH does it all: creation & management of all media platforms. We build and manage top-performing social driven campaigns across critical media platforms for businesses. Let's spark engaging conversations. Let's grow your brand. Let's identify your audience.


Our creative process begins with a detailed creative brief to create content that is aligned with our client's vision, voice, and brand. Through an integrative approach, we design and develop creative work that inspires, captivates, and ultimately monetizes.


Specialty Site

First impressions are formed on the web. Sometimes while you're sleeping! This is your one chance to get your message right, and convert visitors into prospects and patients. We build websites that excel at search to beat your competitors to that top position. A high-performance website is your best marketing investment, so create one that becomes the nucleus for all of your marketing activities.



Through proprietary solutions that accommodates with the rigorous and shifting demands of the search engines, SOLLOH's comprehensive approach to SEO continues to achieve outstanding results for our clients. We employ methodical on-page & off-page optimizations with the latest SEO tactics to make our clients' sites more visible, digestible, and attractive to the major global search properties. The result is a steady stream of qualified traffic composed of active buyers and information seekers.


Google Adwords

This is one of the most powerful paid campaigns to increase massive traffic!Our team begins with a deep dive R&D, including a competitor & market analysis and a TOP 20 Google AdWord Analysis & Projections.Then we get to work, by daily management with needed adjustments by our expert specialists to produce the results expected from your investment


E commerce

The opportunity to reach new customers throughout the world for your brand is real! We begin with a deep-dive R&D, including a competitor & market analysis and identify the TOP 3 most profitable products. Our team builds & manages yourprofile, by producing the results you expect for your investment


Brand Audience Campaign

The purpose is simple, to build, engage & evaluate and ultimately monetize your targeted audience. Our team starts with a deep-dive R&D, including; competitor & market analysis and the brands TOP 3 targeted segments. Then we get to the real work it takes to create conversations with your audience, by implementing our signature 7 drip campaign



If content is king, then photos hold immeasurable marketing impact. Our talented team of photographers handle each project with the type of holistic craftsmanship that results in detailed work, and happy clients.


V 60

Our videographers specialize in the creation of compelling videos that will build your brand. We combine our marketing savvy and artistic vision to tell stories that will captivate your audience. From image acquisition to final deliverables, we bring the best equipment, software, and industry-proven workflows to every project with one thing in mind: to produce great-looking content for our clients. Our signature videography service provides a start to finish process, including 3 phases: pre-production; production; post production. We provide, story board, scriptwriting, Q&A with a 1/2 day location production, including 2 sets of 60 minutes for each set.


It's plain as day. Just one look around, and you'll know that your brand is going places -- and that you'd better get on board. So join us at SOLLOH, where digital opportunities offer so many choices, with beautifully conceived campaigns thoughtfully executed across your desired media platforms. Choose from our media menu.



Select Media Platforms Price
Facebook $300
Instagram $300
Twitter $300
LinkedIn $300
YouTube $300
Yelp $300
Select Media Platforms Price
Google AdWord $500
SEO $1000
Ecommerce $1500
Specialty Site $2000
Photography $2000
V 60 $5000
Show Pony $6500
Select Media Platforms Price
poweR3 $3000
Brand Content Campaign $1000
Brand Audience Campaign $3000
Brand Reputation Campaign $1000
Brand Identity Campaign $3000
Brand Partner Campaign $3000
Brand Growth Campaign $3000