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Far beyond providing services, we aim to devote to and delight humanity through exceptional services, ethical business services and maximum safety. We grow when our employees grow. Hence, our employees-centric approach empowers our employees to flourish at all sides while putting in their best for the growth of the organization.

Royal Investment Group is on a mission to become the finest, most sought-after for defense technologies, trusted immigration solutions or best-in-class private jets and yachts-chartering services. From UAE's favorite to world-class international business with our top-notch well-rounded services.


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A global aerospace, world class defense technologies, luxurious yachts, ultimate immigration services, Royal Investment group is a global aerospace company and leader in the world of immigration. The Royal experience and memorable services make many across the globe depend on us for their safety, and security.


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Royal Defence Technologies

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Royal Migration Solutions

is one of the only immigration companies to have immigration services on their trade license. UAE Business Awards of Most Credible Foreign Immigration Service Provider - MIDDLE EAST!!!!!

Royal Private Jets

Provides Private Jet, Group & Cargo Aircraf Charters In the MENA and Europe

Royal Yacht Charters

add the Sunreef 100 power yacht to its fleet.
celebrating 21 years in the business.